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Libeka Libeka S4

100% web-based e-library solution

Online Library Management System  Overview of Libeka

This is the world’s first 100% web-based e-library solution based on RIA

  • · 100% Web-based library automation system and electronic library integration system that strictly comply with the international standards such as Unicode, XML, MARC, MODS, and DC.
  • · Provides user services on WEB 2.0 and Library 2.0 and applied universally regardless of country, language, and type of library
  • · Without Active X, it can be operated independently on the OS or Browser
  • · GS-certified product and book & contents management solution based on RIA
  • · Compatibility is secured by observing various library standards such as Integrated MARC
  • · Supports Unicode and multiple languages
E Library Management System

Online Library Management System  Major Characteristics of Libeka

Online Library Management System
Good Software Certified
  • · Company : Inzent
  • · Software: Libeka v2.0
  • · Date: July 18, 2011
  • · Institute: Telecommunications Technology
    Association (TTA)
  • · Reliability proven based on stability
Online Library Management System

Web-based system

Online Library Management System

Integrated & personal ID

Online Library Management System

Status of request is displayed
on the same page

Online Library Management System

Automatically sets the officer
for each module

Online Library Management System

Export to Excel

Online Library Management System

Various search options

Online Library Management System  Major Functions of Libeka

Libeka Process

E Library Management System

Details of Libeka System

Collection Process · Tree structure and A and B folders in each stage of
process for convenient operation of data.
· Simplification of collection process
· Free budget process
· Inspection of copy of KERIS
and KOLIS-Net
Listing · Unicode-based system
· Supports full-screen editor and line editor
· Supports KORMARC, Integrated MARC, and MARC 21
View · Supports main location and branch locations
· Mutual lending feature between branches/campuses and local libraries
· Collecting periodicals →
Listing → Automatic connection
Periodicals · Integrated process of selection → purchase → transfer → check-in → binding
· Easy to designate volume pattern
· Applies various schemes simultaneously
CMS · Sets relation information for meta-data
· Processes non-electronic files
· System Administrator - librarians, etc. - Management
· Management feature for system administrators and librarians
· Web access authority for each user
· Web 2.0 applied
(User Service & Homepage)
· Web-management system for administrators
· Various methods and results of search

Types of Libeka Products

Library Automation System (LAS) Contents Management System (CMS) User Service System (HERMES) Other Systems
  • Collection System
  • Listing System
  • Access System
  • Periodical System
  • Article Index System
  • Designated Book System
  • Lending System
  • Copying System
  • Book Management System
  • Message System
  • System Management
  • Lecture Management
  • Widget
  • Meta Management
  • Media Management
  • Environment Management
  • Process Management
  • Copyright Management
  • Main Page
  • Integrated Search
  • My Library
  • Book Info Service
  • Library Service
  • Web Service
  • Mobile Web
  • SMS System
  • CISS
  • Sound Masking System

Online Library Management System  Libeka Portfolio

E Library Management System

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