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UI Integrationi-Works

UI integration solution provider  Overview of i-Works

UI Integrated Terminal System gathers users’ task-processing patterns or requirements to define design standards and uses a rule-based UI platform instead of hard coding. Therefore, it ensures great expandability and flexibility when changing tasks or adding new tasks after completing the system and complies with standard XML display and transaction data based on HTTP and SOAP, the standard Web protocols. Its architecture also ensures maximum performance to process events with standard scripts.

task management solution  Major Characteristics of i-Works

Task management solution

UI integration solution provider  Major Function of i-Works

UI integration solution provider

Automated pages to process
complex tasks

Integrated terminals
provide both “pre-defined workflow”
defined by developers and
“user-defined workflow” defined
by users.

UI integration solution provider

Convenient control
and personalization

Provides efficient task-processing through various personalized features and allows users to share setting information
for convenience.

UI integration solution provider

“Multi-frame” for efficient task-processing

Creates several numbers of the same terminal frame
to provide an efficient work
environment for both account process
and customer center service.

Task management solution

Pages based on the integrated
UI standards for productivity with
“automated arrangement of control”

Uses input & output items to
automatically create page forms
and table layout to automatically
arrange control to make it
easy to write pages that satisfy
the integrated UI standards.

Task management solution

Automatically writes GUI-based
script source code

Repeated events
can be automated using
Script Wizard.
Automated arrangement of control
and Script Wizard are
used to save time and
improve productivity.

Task management solution

Supports various help tools

Creates multiple forms of the
single frame to provide an efficient work
environment to process both account
tasks and customer support services.

Task management solution  Example of i-Works

Initial Development Cost

Task management solution

Total Cost of Development (TCO)

Task management solution

Task management solution  i-Works Portfolio

Construction Project

Project Period
Shinhan Bank Shinhan Bank BPR System UI Solution Jul 2014-May 2015
Shinhan Bank New-generation Channel
Integration & Integrated Terminal System
Jan 2005-Oct 2006
Kyongnam Bank Kyongnam Bank New-generation Integrated Terminal System May 2013-Nov 2014
Kyongnam Bank BPR System Terminal Mar 2013-Dec 2013
Industrial Bank of Korea ibk Post-generation UI Integrated Terminal Nov 2012-Nov 2014
ibk Integrated Terminal System Upgrade Feb 2010-Jan 2011
ibk Integrated Terminal & Channel Integration System Sep 2002-Sep 2004
Korea Exchange Bank KEB Bank/Card Terminal & Channel Integration
May 2010-Sep 2011
KEB Integrated Terminal & Channel Integration System Feb 2002-Dec 2004
KEB Card Channel Integration & Terminal System Jul 2002-Dec 2002
KEB New-generation System Channel Integration
& Web Terminal
Feb 2003-Jan 2004
Suhyup Bank Suhyup New-generation UI Integrated Terminal System Nov 2009-Nov 2011
Suhyup New-generation Channel Integration & Integrated Terminal System Jan 2006-Apr 2008
Other Banks Daegu Bank New-generation MCI & UI Integrated Terminal
Dec 2009-Sep 2011
Standard Chartered Cheil Bank UI Integration & MCI System Sep 2009-Jul 2010
Kookmin Bank UI Integrated Terminal System Oct 2007-Feb 2010
KFCC New-generation UI System Sep 2007-Jul 2009
Jeonbuk Bank New-generation MCI and Integrated Terminal System Feb 2012-Oct 2013
Jeju Bank Web Terminal & Channel Integration System Aug 2002-Feb 2003
Hanmi Bank Web Terminal & Channel Integration System Dec 2002-Jul 2003
Bank of Seoul Web Integration Terminal System Jun 2001-Feb 2003

Major Client

Task management solution

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