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ECM EDM Document Centralization

Management for Enterprises

Electronic Document Management System  Overview of ECM

Electronic Document Management System

ECM has the largest pool of references in the primary financial sector and communications industry that generate the most data and has been recognized by various BMTs for performance and stability.

Electronic Document Management System  Major Characteristics of ECM

Electronic Document Management System


  • · Multi-tier
    application model
  • · Object-oriented concept, multiple threads
  • · Modulized and open
  • · Pluggable architecture for addition of components
  • · Centralized/separated
    configuration on network web
  • · Active & Active
Electronic Document Management System

Information Management

  • · Typical information, atypical
    information, transaction data
  • · Database, file system,
    other independent systems
  • · General management of information resources
    inclusive of other information storages
Electronic Document Management System


  • · Java, Win32, .NET API
  • · Web service (WSDL, SOAP, etc.) I/F
  • · International standards: DASL, WebDAV,
    Oasis CMIS
  • · Workflow Industrial Standards (WFMC)

Electronic Document Management System  Major Functions of ECM

Electronic Document Management System

Highly usable through
Active/Active Configuration

As document centralization system registers all drawings and documents on the central
system through personal computers’ storage control, ECM Servers must support Active/Active.

Electronic Document Management System

Interlocks with outside email accounts that
support encryption and network separation

Xtorm EDM interlocks with the internal encryption
module and DRM encryption module to support
file encryption. When downloading files,
it interlocks with server encryption module
to convert to original text

Electronic Document Management System

Internal dissemination of documents within ECM
(original text/URL Link attached)

Selectively apply original text or link information according
to policies when ECM documents are attached to an email or central system.

Electronic Document Management System

Security features

Xtorm ECM Engine is based on the Pluggable
system and may interlock with application
modules without modifying the engine source
and secures easy expandability of servers and
integration with other external modules.
Security features can be applied flexibly using

Electronic Document Management System

SAP certification module

The proposal solution provides SAP Archive
Link Adapter (X-SAPA)
module to use SAP
Archive Link to save
and use data on ECM

Electronic Document Management System

Interface based on the Windows Search (Virtual Folder)

The Windows Search basically provides the
Drag & Drop feature to assign authority for
users to register and access documents
between PC and ECM Server and manage
documents using the Web UI (EDMSSuite) and
the Windows Search.

Electronic Document Management System  Example of ECM

ECM Portfolio

Electronic Content Management System

The purpose of BPR (Business Process Reengineering) is to centralize the banks’ evaluation of credit, receiving, cards, foreign currency, and deductions to improve the marketing capacities of branches and reengineer the work process to save time and improve productivity. It also separates marketing and operation to reduce risks by processing standardized tasks.

Electronic Content Management System

The detailed work using the ECM-based image management system begins with the financial services for customers when processing financial work. The cover pages are printed for the documents received to generate the cover pages and the documents as a single task and the data are recognized to transmit and view the images and data to the image server.

Electronic Content Management System

In case of Financial D Life, the standard registration process of the existing image system (Xtorm) is used to register and view the original PDF file and image file on the E-Agreement System through the Image System WAS.

Effect of Construction

Electronic Document Management System
  • · Innovation of sales culture
  • · Customer-centered branch organization
  • · New system foundation
  • · Process performance management
Electronic Document Management System
  • · Improves productivity and saves cost through ongoing improvement and management of process
  • · Standardized processing to reduce
    operation risk
  • · Improves corporate image based
    on easy internal control and ethical management
  • · Innovative task-processing to
    change customers’ behaviors.

Electronic Document Management System  ECM Portfolio

Inzent has constantly applied the site solution that has been built and used by global vendors since the early 2000s and verifies international vendors’ products, technology and performance through BMT to adopt newer systems for banks, financial institutions, communications, and government offices.

SAP-certified Modules

Product Performance    · Stably operated for processing large-sized transactions
for the primary financial sector, Telecom,
and public finance (best performance).
Compatibility    · Developed for small/medium/large processes
   · Integrates ECM + EDM + RM + BPM.
Portfolio    · Banks (about 95% including Nonghyup, KB, Woori, Shinhan,
Hana, KEB, Busan, Daegu, SC, and Citi)
   · Communications (100% including KT, SKT, and LGT)
   · Other: 120 clients including the Ministry of Justice,
the National Archives of Korea, and the Ministry
of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Trends    · Powerful separation/integration architecture for
large organization/processing
   · Independence of platforms, DBMS, Language, and Web
   · Management of all kinds of atypical data
(images, e-documents, videos, etc)
Support    · Completely localized (flexible customizing)
   · Locally developed software for swift,
accurate technical support
Technical Characteristics    · Overcomes the weaknesses of imported products
(Ex: Complies with advanced international standards,
improved speed and stability)
   · One powerful integrated repository
with separable components
   · Satisfies both flexibility and integration

Major Client

Electronic Document Management System

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