INZENT, SI Enterprise specialized
in financial infrastructure solutions

  • Data Standardization
  • Data Management
  • Data Visualization

Our Company was established in July 2000, with the purpose to develop and supply hardware
and software to maximize productivity,
to perform integration of customer service efficiently

and to achieve efficiency of front service in the computer system
of enterprises including
We are pursuing Interactive ZENeration at Technology
that means the technology makes
the customers satisfied and technology puts together the generation and the times

  About INZENT

Company Name INZENT Co., Ltd CEO Sung-gi Chung
Establishment Year July 2000 Capital 3,250,000,000KRW
Certifications · Confirmation of Venture Business
· Selected as a technology and innovation small and medium sized company ( INNO-BIZ)
· Inter Channel® - Selected as a 2001financial IT hit product in Korea finance selection
· Obtained a GS certification - iGate v4.0(2015)
Patents and Utility Model · Receipt of service application and device
· Scanning device of legal seal image and electronic forms management system
· Formatting service and mothed for the customer on the standby for business
· Inter Channel 2.0, UI integration solution iworks 3.0,
   Channel integration solution iGate 3.0
Field of Business Image/Electronic Document/ECM/EDM, Centralized solution, Channel Integration (MCI),
UI Integrated terminal, Automation solution at a window
Type of Business Software development and marketing

  INZENT Major Solution

INZENT contributes to the ICT development of Korea, continuing to develop and verify new business model through the combining of promising futuristic technology with the mutual organic linkage of each product and flexibility of architecture.

ECM / EDM ‘Xtorm’
Electronic Document Management Solution
MCA / FEP / EAI ‘iGate’
Multichannel Integrated (ESB) Solution
UI / UX ‘iWorks’
User-oriented UI/UX Solution
Digital Library ‘Libeka’
Electronic Library Solution
ECM, management on the various contents in and outside of organization, BPM, business process management connects contents to the work, VRM, integrated management for a variety of information storage virtually and EMI solution that provides additional function in a single framework. Business middleware that connects channel to the work, Delivery channel integrated solution, Integrated process and interface, implement integrated marketing execution platform Define and implement design standard according to the requirements and user job processing pattern and UI/UX integrated platform for business based data and service and provide optimized working conditions with the newest design trend in the business environment HTML5/RIA- based electronic library integrated automatic system, and books and contents integrated management system

  INZENT Organization Chart

  • · Finance Team 1
  • · Finance Team 2
  • · Finance Team 3
  • · Public Works Team
  • · Strategic Sales Team
  • · ILS Sales Team
  • · Solution Project Team 1
  • · Solution Project Team 2
  • · Strategic Sales Team
  • · MCA Project Team
  • · UI Project Team
  • · ILS Project Team
  • · Technical Service Team
  • · Research & Planning Team
  • · ECM Project Team
  • · ECM Service Team
  • · ECM Service Development Team
  • · ECM R&D Team
  • · PM/PMO Team
  • · ESB Project Team
  • · ESB Service Team

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