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    C92 M90 Y2 K0
    C48 M3 Y91 K0
    C23 M18 Y17 K0
    C0 M0 Y0 K100


  • Leap into a global technology project
  • Upgrading technology and creating synergies through co-operation
  • Continuous research and development of new technology
  • Integrate practical necessity into IT technology
  • Establish identity business and solution


  Data Visualization Solution

User-oriented UI/UX Solution
Define design standard by user’s job processing pattern and requirements and provide the newest design trend and optimized working environment with data and service-based UI integrated platform for business purpose

HTML5based UI/UX Solution
Realized standardization of a web app technology using HTML5 and UX Solution that supports smart device, cross browsing in user value-based UX environment and multi- platform is available to use. It also supports responsive web and customized solution that is available to resolutions.

  Internal and External Channel Integration Solution

Multi -Channel Integrated
ESB Solution

Diagnose the problems related to higher costs& under production& inefficiency by increasing the channel and is flexible to the actual work requirements and is available for quick response and also support standardization of interface and efficient channels. Solution that implements business middleware that connects channel and task, delivery channel integrated solution, integration of process and interface and marketing execution platform.

  Data Management Solution

Electronic Document
Management Solution

It is EIM Solution that provides additional functions that integrates and manages various information storages virtually in single framework base

Electronic Library Solution
User can directly register system error and functional improvements in the maintenance system and developer can change status automatically by taking relevant measures. It is solution that integrates and manages books and contents with HTML5/RIA based integrated electronic library automated system.

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