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Illegal Transaction Measure Business Package
ACE Plus

Business Management Solution Korea  Overview of ACE Plus

ACE is mounted with function of rule to be easy preparation, fraud detection based on the score that is excellent degree of accuracy and business support & business management. It is a total package that encompasses function for all illegal trade measure business.

Business Management Solution Korea  Major Characteristics of ACE Plus

Advantages of ACE Plus

Business Management Solution Korea

Sustain Continuous Degree of Accuracy

  • To detect pattern of unfair tricks that change every
    day, keep the degree of accuracy by generating
    score model that reflects unfair tricks that took
    place at the nearest time
Business Management Solution Korea

Real time High Speed Processing

  • Statistical model that predicts what is going to
    happen in the past data. ACE Plus can predict the probability of unfair trade in
    the transactions and high speed processing is available because score calculation
    method is simple.

ACE Plus Process

Business Management Solution Korea

Business Management Solution Korea Major Functions of ACE Plus

Business Management Solution Korea

Scoring Function

Support scoring function based on behavior and
the ways of thinking of abuse model to the score
model constructed by logistic regression analysis
and CS conversion, and also provide automatic
learning function of score model and detection
rate evaluation function of score model.

Business Management Solution Korea

Roll Function

Provide input function in the excel format and
syntax formalism and input support function.
Provide OR table (Batch registration of a large
volume of data), real check on the use of the roll
variable and function of history check and roll
accuracy assessment together

Business Management Solution Korea

Business Support Function

With constructing series operations into
workflows, which is from monitoring to the
decision of illegal data, batch gathering of
transaction data, customer information and the
franchise information, and also interlock is
available by other systems.

Business Management Solution Korea

Business Management Function

As a supervisor function, provide a function of
manager’s job performance management such
as work hour, monitoring, a performance on
the selection of inaccuracy, etc.

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